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June 2, 2011
Designing your Kitchen Lighting
June 2, 2011

Admit it, you have seen the iPad, the iPod, the iPhone and practically anything that has an ‘i’ about it and have felt hat you are the rightful owner of the product. Seriously, why is that? Has it ever occurred to you that people want Apple’s products so badly that they are willing to learn a whole new thing altogether to accommodate them?

First things first, Apple’s products go by simplicity. The iPhone and iPad has only 1 button which pretty much dictates how you interact with them. They don’t overkill their interfaces.
They also create really cool graphical images of their products. This is how they market their products. Some has claimed that Apple tries to tell the user what to do but they have done so by first doing what the user wanted.

Apple is never afraid to try new things. The natural element interaction is one of the best examples. By claiming that they will change how you use the mobile phone (using fingers) they did what they promised. And by doing so, everyone else had to follow suit.

They also did extremely well with creating the buzz. The anxiety for their products were mostly deafening so much so that people were camping outside retail stores to be the first to get them. Imagine that! That’s why their products are appealing. By creating the buzz and honouring their promises.