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Rich Malaysian Culture meets Global Fashion

Malaysia is never short of talents when it comes to fashion design. In fact, we have some of the top fashion designers not only within the region but across the world. Malaysian fashion designers are able to bring a lot to the fashion world through its rich tradition and culture. Here are the top 10.

Jimmy Choo

Datuk Jimmy Choo is perhaps the most renowned Malaysian fashion designer in the world. He came from a family of shoemakers. Through hardwork and determination, Datuk Jimmy rose to the ranks of the top global designers. After selling his stake in the company, he has been actively involved in his own Jimmy Choo Couture and nurturing new talents.

Zang Toi

The designer from Kelantan has his clothes worn by the likes of Ivana Trump, Sharon Stone and other Hollywood stars. Known for his glamorous and often dramatic styles, Zang Toi is surely one of the top, if not the best known fashion designers from Malaysia.

Edmund Ser

This is perhaps one of the most established Malaysian designers around. Starting out in the 1980s, he opened his shop in Pertama Complex before Edmunser brand was born. After that, it went on to SER, Edmund Ser and Spade and is still going strong where the brands are carried by top departmental stores across the country.

Bernard Chandran

He was the first non-European designer to win the Silk, Cut Young Designers Award. Bernard Chandran is a true Malaysian whose designs are won across the world. In 2009, Estelle wore Chandran’s dress to collect her first Grammy.

Farah Khan

Dato Farah Khan is no stranger to the fashion industry. The President and Founder of the Melium Group’s product line is marketed across the world while the company holds more than 50 international brands.

Melinda Looi

With a portfolio that spans across South Africa, Middle East, the USA and across Asia, Melinda Looi’s designs were worn by Britney Spears, Mena Suvari and Cameron Diaz. The award-winning designer has been the Designer of the Year thrice.

Faisol Abdullah

Not many people knew this but Faisol Abdullah designed a dress with 751 diamonds which saw him took home the 2011’s Malaysia’s Designer of the Year award. That was the world’s most expensive dress said to be worth RM100 million.

Dexter Wong

UK’s The Independent labelled him the man who defined the ‘club-obsessed fashion of the early 90s’. His line has been worn by Robbie Williams and the late David Bowie and sold through the Lens brand by Topman of the UK.

Lew Fong Voon

Known for its niche design and top quality shoes, Fong Voon is the man behind the Lewre label. Besides Malaysia, the shoe brand is marketed in countries like the UAE, Taiwan, Australia and many more.

Khoon Hooi

Starting out in Malaysia, Khoon Hooi took his designs overseas. Through his determination and perseverance, he literally knocked on doors of fashion designers to chart his name. Through this, his brand became one of the top names in the region.