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January 10, 2016

Business cards, Company folders and Corporate image design

January 9, 2016

Animation Design

Design.com.my offers a wide range of design services which are customized and tailored to your business needs and marketing campaigns. Offering animation design is one of our […]
January 9, 2016

Banner & Bunting Design(Our Services)

Banners and standys (standing display items and marketing material) are one of the offerings provided by Advertising.com.my. We have over the years been involved in a […]
January 9, 2016

Website Design

Advertising.com.my has been offering all type of design services for many years. One of our most popular services is in designing websites. Over the last 10 […]
January 9, 2016

Lighting project design & consulting

Advertising.com.my was established more than 15 years ago and ever since then, we have been bringing only the best and most effective advertising and marketing products […]
January 9, 2016

Flyer and brochure design

Flyers and brochures are part of the media used in below-the-line advertising. Using this media is very effective as they are usually distributed or meant for […]
January 9, 2016

E-newsletter(Design & Distribution)

Digital media has grown to become one of the main channels of advertising in today’s business world. Basically, digital media encompasses any form of marketing and […]
December 12, 2012

Exhibition Booth Design

Exhibitions and fairs are common marketing activities carried out businesses in Malaysia today. Almost each week, there will be a fair or exhibition being held in […]
September 12, 2012

Retail design