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December 26, 2012
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August 26, 2013

As the name implies, the Kuala Lumpur Design Forum 2012 was the avenue that gathered designers in discussion about ‘making’. The KLDF 2012 was held concurrently during the Archidex ’12 (13th International Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition Malaysia) at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre which was aimed at attracting industry practitioners like architects and interior designers as well as students. Essentially, KLDF 2012 was jointly organised by Pusat Binaan Sdn Bhd which is a wholly-owned company of PAM (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia) and CIS Network Sdn Bhd which was held on the 5th of July 2012 at the convention centre’s Plenary Hall.

The theme for KLDF 2012 was ‘About Making’ which investigated the term ‘making’ and how it has evolved especially with the rapidly moving and growing technological scenario. On top of that, the more globalized environment also played an important role in influencing the process of making. Through the KLDF 2012, the idea of how designers explore making and how design is actually related to making were discussed and presented.

Renowned designers were involved in KLDF 2012 that included Marc Webb of Takenouchi Webb of the United Kingdom. Webb is one of the most prominent architects around where he was trained from the Bartlett School of Architecture in the United Kingdom. He has designed and practiced in places around England, the United States as well as in Asia where he had been previously engaged with Kerry Hill Architects in Singapore and now a Director with Takenouchi Webb Architects with partner Naoko Takenouchi.

Other prominent figures involved in KLDF 2012 include Ryuji Nakamura of Ryuji Nakamura & Associates of Japan, Erieta Attali of Erieta Atalli Photography from Greece and Inch Lim of Inchscape from the host country, Malaysia, all of whom provided new and exciting insights about how the industry is shaping up while discussions were also held.

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