June 13, 2014
malaysia kl tower
KL Tower
June 15, 2014
malaysia istana budaya

Istana Budaya means ‘Palace of Culture’. It is a building in Kuala Lumpur which hosts some of the international and best performances that include musicals, opera, classical shows and others. Located along Jalan Tun Razak, Istana Budaya is designed to reflect and symbolize the rich culture of Malaysia.
This building has a very unique design where there are many elements that reflect the Malay culture of the country. Its main motif is the design of sirih junjung which is a common event used in Malay marriages. From the bird’s eye view, the Istana Budaya is shaped like a moon kite of Kelantan or Wau Bulan. Within the building are 3 main segments which is typically found in most Malay homes.
This includes the lobby area, the main house and the kitchen area. The lobby area is where people meet and greet while the main house is where the Panggung Sari is located where the performances are held while the kitchen area is where training hall and main stage are located. What makes Istana Budaya so popular is that there are many other elements that continue to symbolize the Malay culture like the Balairong Seri Istana, the Rebana Ubi and many more which was designed by Muhammad Kamar Ya’akub, a renowned Malaysian architect.