September 13, 2011
Elephant Gate Kuala Lumpur – the new icon of modern entertainment and lifestyle
November 25, 2011
At Intersectant Network, you can ensure that you are business are taken care off especially when it comes to any services pertaining to design. This is because Intersectant provides a complete solution to help you with positioning your business among the elites in the competitive market. Where this is concerned, Intersectant brings it many years of experience and expertise to help you distinguish and stand out among your competitors by exuding your company’s image and identity through a holistic design approach.

As design must coincide and collaborate with your strategy, Intersectant will help your company develop and formulate the best strategy for your business to grow. Here is where concepts are born and brought into life and then implemented for leverage. From ideas in marketing to development of products, Intersectant will be able to help you envision and materialize them through the best and most professional design elements. On top of the conventional design services, Intersectant also provide digital design services that include providing website design which begins from the conceptualization stage all through to the execution stages.Providing high quality and low cost and affordable services, your business will surely benefit from the wide range of services offered by Intersectant in 2 main areas namely Marketing and Graphic Design, which are intertwined in many ways. By offering marketing services, your business will grow faster and better through the projection of your products with the best designs. Logo design, brochures, advertising and others are some other services provided by Intersectant which will ensure that the business client will benefit from an all round approach, especially in creating more awareness through a corporate image and identity. This is because Intersectant is able to offer an integration of marketing and graphic design services as a total solution and approach to your business needs.

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