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March 30, 2010
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June 2, 2011

Interior design is a process of designing the space inside buildings such as house and office. The art of creating the interior structure also includes the choice of ornaments and furnishings to go with the detailed plan. One of the most important basics for interior designer is to play around with colours. Choosing the right colour makes all the difference as rooms with striking and appealing colours can easily attract people’s attention. 

Basically, colours reflect your personality and give us different emotional reaction. Therefore, before choosing a particular paint to renovate the house, you need to understand what emotions can colours evoke. If you want a serene and peaceful feeling, then go for green or blue. Yellow and red are considered energetic colours. But overall, what is more important is to find your favourite colour. You can experiment with different shades to find out the best colour for the walls.

Since you are unfamiliar with interior design styles, the best approach is to talk to the experts and get some insightful advice before making a final decision. Choosing a specific interior design is great to help you in purchasing other ornaments and decorations to go with it. These styles serve as a theme for your home. And here are some of the more popular styles which are highly recommended for those who aim for classy and unique appeal.

Dubbed as sleek style, art deco interior design was popular in 1940s in Hollywood. It is a perfect combination of modern decoration with influences from arts originated from Africa, Egypt, Mexico and Aztec. Among some of the materials used in the design are inlaid wood, lacquer, aluminum, zebra skin and stainless steel. These materials are incorporated in chevron patterns, sweeping curves and lines as well as zigzagged patterns.

Besides art deco design, another common style is the Asian appeal. Also known as Oriental, the designs and furnishings used are influenced by Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese cultures. Asian style interior design is unique because the experts usually come up with several Asian themed rooms such as Japanese and Chinese to add variety to the home décor.

Another highly recommended design is the contemporary modern appeal. Bear in mind that contemporary modern is different from contemporary design. Thus, if you are seeking for contemporary modern design, ensure that you get the message across to your designer. The furnishings and decorations are based on mid-century modern style.

Ever heard of bamboo chic design? Ask your interior designer about it. It is known as bamboo chic because of its environmentally friendly approach. This recyclable material can transform any dull looking interior into an interesting space. Moving into the new green era, perhaps it is time for a change and to have a unique design instead of the usual contemporary modern or the Americana design.

Using bamboo as the main material, the walls can transform into a visually interesting space. The whole point of bamboo chic design is to keep the ornaments and decorations simple. Back in the olden days, bamboo plants were used mostly in Japanese-themed buildings. It was used to create a partition or barrier to separate the space. In the last few decades, the design gained wider acceptance due to its simplicity and elegance. Interior designers only have to add shine lacquered boxes or vases to liven up the space.

Eclectic style interior design is synonym with elegance and sophisticated. The house with such design is usually decorated with various furniture, collections and antiques. You can basically spot some of the basic elements in eclectic style such as a whole collection of similar pieces, neutral colour, antiques, a mixture of traditional and modern elements as well as rough fabrics used alongside refined textiles.

Venetian interior design or also known as cultured architecture is based on the famous city, Venice. Houses with such design usually showcase collected pieces and ornaments from around the world. Shelves are filled with vintage books and quirky items found in flea market and thrift stores. Paintings and murals displaying scenes from the city can be added to the interior to provide Venetian vibe.


For those who are seeking for a casual European influence in their house, Mediterranean décor is the best choice as the design utilizes natural colours and rustic textures. Ideal for families, some of the common elements found in the décor are wrought iron details, terracotta roof tiles and stucco walls. Generally, wood or tile flooring would be installed in the house. But you will be given other choices such as stone or ceramic flooring. Colourful rugs are sometimes added for pleasure feeling.

Finally, for those who are looking for comfortable and relaxed design, old world style is definitely the perfect choice. Only certain colours such as cream, dark-stained wood, forest green, navy or ocher would be used to give the coziest feeling. To complete this rustic design, old world fabrics such as radiant silks, velvet, tapestry patterns, small cotton prints, brocades and leather must be included in the old world rooms.

So have you decided about the interior design styles for your home renovation? If you haven’t, don’t worry as you can take your time and do more research before finalizing the details and your decision.