DATUM: KL 2012
April 12, 2012
June 16, 2012

The Holland Park Bungalow is perhaps one of the most remarkable architecture wonders seen in the modern design scene today, especially in Singapore. The original requirements was to build a bungalow with 4 attached bathrooms, a working kitchen, living room, maids room, storage and whatever else needed. It was to be built onto a 7,000 square-feet family villa which was to be one of the 5 new villas built on a large family estate.

The end product was compelling and truly out-of-this world where it was designed with various facades that housed different places within the home. From a certain angle, it looked as if the home was like a sculpture in itself. After all, it was located within one of the artistic areas of Singapore in Holland Park. Essentially, the internal axis allowed the house to offer an impression that faces inward and that was to lead onto the next house and what makes this development all the more unique was that it did not use walls to separate one home to another.

The Holland Park bungalow was design specifically for a specific purpose which apart from functionality and harmony within the home, it was also to exude individuality and character. The need to be different would have compelled the designer to understand what was needed to derive such a cutting-edge impression which apart from being luxurious and truly elegant offered a genuinely harmonious place to stay and dwell in. This design was not made to for the rich but to those who knew how to enjoy life.