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January 9, 2016
Lighting project design & consulting
January 9, 2016

Flyers and brochures are part of the media used in below-the-line advertising. Using this media is very effective as they are usually distributed or meant for a specific target group. This means that they are specifically designed and distributed to a group of readers which are the potential customers of a business.

Flyers and brochures are divided into 2 main types, those that are distributed and those that are placed on brochure stands for interested customers to take and read. Where this is concerned, the former involves the designing and printing of the literature and then they would need to be distributed to the target market usually at residential or commercial areas or to passer-bys at large. This would usually involve companies that intend to disseminate certain information to the group they target like promotions and special events.

On the other hand, the latter are brochures that are placed at standys or brochure stands which are specifically designed for this purpose. Customers or passer-bys who might be interested in these information would then take the brochure and read them. In most cases, the information involved are the likes of tourism and travel or those that require filling up of forms like loyalty card programmes and such.

In this context, we have been involved in countless campaigns in which our low-cost and practical printing facilities played an important role. We offer a full range of services that range from the conceptualization of the brochure or flyer while our team of highly capable designers were also involved to produce high quality designs. We then integrate our acrylic products to derive the best brochure stands at an affordable rate for our clients and then deploying them at the most appropriate places. After that, our involvement continues through ensuring that the stands are always filled as well as in ensuring that the flyers are appropriately distributed.