New Facade – Wisma Atria
September 17, 2012
Elements of design in a drawing
December 26, 2012

Exhibitions and fairs are common marketing activities carried out businesses in Malaysia today. Almost each week, there will be a fair or exhibition being held in one of the convention centres or exhibition halls around the country. This is because exhibitions are very effective methods for marketers to communicate a certain promotion or brand image to their target market.

Our involvement in exhibitions goes back to many years where we have joined, participated and organized our own exhibitions. Throughout the course of running these programmes, we have accumulated a lot of useful and effective experience in designing exhibition booths for ourselves as well as our clients.

Depending on the size of the booth, our clients have benefited much from our designs in their respective exhibitions because a booth without a unique design will be a bare-bone booth very much like everyone else. The objective of having a strong design in the exhibition booth is to ensure that visibility is preserved. Each exhibition and fair is unique and hence, our client will have to participate with a different design that is aligned to the purpose of the fair.

In our experience, we have worked with numerous clients in the designing of their respective booths during the exhibitions. Our services include conceptualizing of the booth according to the size and the space that are provided. We ensure that our designs are loud and impressive so that people who attend the exhibitions are attracted to and will visit the booths. Our team of professional experts have been involved in exhibition booth designs for many years through their time as practitioners and we will be able to advice you on costing, materials used and other issues involved. From there, we will be assisting you in the installation of the designs on the exhibition which include tearing down when the event is over.