Elephant Gate Kuala Lumpur – the new icon of modern entertainment and lifestyle

Intersectant Solutions
September 13, 2011
Logo design
February 17, 2012

Planned and earmarked to be opposite the up and coming TRX (Tun Razak Exchange) and along the most prominent road in Malaysia, Jalan Tun Razak is a futuristic and exciting entertainment and lifestyle club, Elephant Gate Kuala Lumpur.

This is in every way suitable especially with Kuala Lumpur standing among the world’s best in terms of shopping, entertainment and tourism. Today, Kuala Lumpur is being compared to with the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong and even London and New York in attracting tourists while housing some of the most exciting and luxurious places of entertainment and lifestyle in the region.

With a new addition to the attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Elephant Gate will surely elevate the metropolitan city to a higher level. Elephant Gate will offer nothing less than the best in everything anyone looks for in entertainment which will surely compete with renowned icons like Clark Quay and Marina Sands of Singapore and New Era of Shanghai in China.

Never before had any place in Malaysia host a variety and integrated entertainment location as planned for Elephant Gate. It will be futuristic, luxurious, exciting and definitely entertaining. Tourists and visitors to Kuala Lumpur need not go far to enjoy a good night’s stay, fine dining, clubbing and drinking and relaxing all within this new offering.

There will be 12 outlets catered for everyone and anyone who are looking for a good time out and indulge in the best that Kuala Lumpur has to offer. What makes Elephant Gate so interesting is that all the offerings are under one roof. The ambience here is immersing, the people are friendly, the location is convenient and the feeling is totally out-of-this-world.

Elephant Gate will host some of the world’s best cuisine through its cosy and comfortable indoor dining or al-fresco dining outlets. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea after a long day of golf at the highly prestigious and internationally renowned Royal Selangor Golf Club located just across or a glass of beer with your friends.

There will be both opened and closed areas which are ideally planned and catered to parties of groups as well as for corporate events. Elephant Gate is specially designed by the best Malaysian and international artists and designers to set the mood and the most appropriate environment for events and such. Whether it is a birthday party or a product launch, Elephant Gate will have the ideal location, the best facilities and the most appropriate space to do so.

Where there will be food and dishes from all over the world, there will be a pool for those who like to chill-out. Elephant Gate is surrounded by some of the most iconic landmarks in Malaysia that include the Petronas Twin Towers and the Royal Selangor Golf Club, just to name a few. The best place to sit around and relax would be the infinity pool bar on the ground level. You will be welcomed at the articulately designed and crafted reception lobby which will lead you towards all the outlets Elephant Gate has to offer. The next level will house the music rooms, lounges, restaurants and others and the flagship of it all is the roof bar which gives you the most spectacular view of the skyline of Kuala Lumpur.

What more could you ask for but to enjoy a drink or fine dining amidst the view of KLCC and the Twin Towers and the other skyscrapers that the city is so popular for. An Italian restaurant is housed within the double volume cube with a viewing deck. Located within an arm’s length from the TRX, Elephant Gate will surely be the place to be if you want to be part of the exciting city of Kuala Lumpur. Bask in the sun or enjoy the night, Elephant Gate is where you become the city and the city becomes you.