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December 31, 2014
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January 9, 2016

Digital media has grown to become one of the main channels of advertising in today’s business world. Basically, digital media encompasses any form of marketing and advertising efforts using digital means like e-mail, websites, social media and e-newsletter. Advertising.com.my has been at the forefronts of promoting digital advertising for many years where e-newsletter is one of the main offerings.

At Advertising.com.my, our commitment is to ensure that our clients get their advertising dollars worth where we offer a full range of marketing related services. Our e-newsletter is one of our flagship products in which we have worked with internationally renowned companies like Bausch & Lomb, Sony and Toyota to disseminate promotions and advertisements to their potential customers.

In this context, Advertising.com.my is one of the pioneers in this area where we were one of the earliest agencies to use e-newsletter and adopting the most current technologies in doing so. Our e-newsletters are not merely online brochures or flyers. In ensuring the effectiveness of using this media, we help our clients reach their most suitable target market by integrating with our network of partners to determine the most suitable recipients of the e-newsletter.

Our services start from the contact point in which we will discuss with our clients about the content to be included in the e-newsletter. From there, we will derive the concept of the product where our content developers will then provide what to be included. Images are specifically sourced through professional photographers and graphic designers while our writers conduct interviews and research to develop the best content possible. After that, Advertising.com.my will collaborate with our clients on the design and layout before the final e-newsletter is produced. From there, we will ensure that the e-newsletter are disseminated to the group of recipients intended before a summary report is prepared and submitted to our clients.