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June 2, 2011
Kuala Lumpur Design Week
September 13, 2011

What type of lighting are best suited for kitchens? While you can have the most advanced stove oven and the most hi-tech dishwasher installed in your nicely antique (or modern) kitchen cabinets, designing your kitchen lighting is vital to ensure that it is a place that you like to go and hang around for a while, not one that repels.

Purpose driven lighting is the most common design. This is where you put in lights which are bright and pretty much serve its purpose of lighting up the space. This is for you if you are they no-nonsense type kitchen person. You go there, cook your dishes and eat and then leave.

Mood oriented lighting. Now this is for those who don’t cook much but uses the kitchen for ‘specific’ purposes like pretending to be the cook of a meal when inviting someone over. Ambience like, yellow lighting with hangovers are the most common design here. It is to set the mood for something later.

And then we have what is known as the light-mood lighting design. This is where the lights are placed in a non-intrusive manner because you feel that the kitchen is a place that should be comfortable to hang out with your family and friends. You sit on the dining table with your drinks and play cards or just drink coffee and chat. You use the kitchen as an alternative to your couch.