Banner & Bunting Design(Our Services)
January 9, 2016
Business cards, Company folders and Corporate image design
January 10, 2016 offers a wide range of design services which are customized and tailored to your business needs and marketing campaigns. Offering animation design is one of our main services where we use the latest state-of-the-art technology to produce the most remarkable and compelling animation videos. Our team of designers have won awards and accolades in the industry where they offer their services for our clients who are multinational corporations and government agencies.

Our philosophy of providing cutting-edge designs at an affordable rate is observed where we work with you in deriving the best and most relevant animation design in your campaigns. Our animation designs are suitable for use at clubs, entertainment outlets, cafes and pubs as well as in shopping centres like Berjaya Times Square and Pavilion shopping Centre. We have also designed animation for automobile brands like BMW and Mazda, all of which are unique and one-of-its-kind, specifically catered for a certain purpose.

Our animation designs are contemporary and modern as they are customized and specially made for a purpose and are designed with the best quality possible by our team of designers who bring with them many years of experience and proven track record of cutting edge designs.