About us

As the premier provider of resources in arts and design, Design.com.my offers a wide range of information in the many areas of this industry. Among our most popular segments is our resources in the architecture industry. This is where we offer all the relevant and most related information about architecture and the built environment for our members and visitors to Design.com.my that include architecture reviews, news, updates and discussion forums for our members to deliberate and talk about.

The Most Localised Architecture Resource

Design.com.my is the leading portal that provides all the information about architecture, interior design and its related sectors. Hence, we ensures that the information here are as localised as possible so that they can be related to our members in the best possible way.

We bring the latest news on architecture, the most updated information about materials used in the built environment as well as the most local architecture reviews from the region which will surely benefit our members and visitors to Design.com.my.

Architecture Reviews

Having been in the market for more than 10 years, we are well aware of what the industry is like and because of this, we know best about what type of information that our members are looking for. Where this is concerned, we bring the most localized architecture reviews to you so that you can learn more about our unique culture and heritage of structure building. In doing this, we review the most interesting and cutting-edge buildings from Malaysia, Singapore and the surrounding regions which are inspiring, immersing and truly functional which could be used as references in future designs.

News and Updates

The world is moving at a very fast pace and as such, we are aware that modern buildings are very different from the way it was before. Essentially, we stream the most related and relevant news and updates that are going on in the architecture world where issues like construction works, architecture designs, interior design and most prominently, Green Architecture to you so that you are kept abreast of the latest issues in this sector.

Interior Design

We at Design.com.my is a strong advocate of modern designs and this is where we have played an important role in many areas of supplying these services. Over the years, Design.com.my has played a part in many design projects with reputable clients from both the public and private sector in which we have been involved with interior design and space management. Our own in-house design team are experts and practitioners who bring them many years of experience. From here, we have created highly impactful interior design for our clients as well as fully-functional and effective spaces which are contemporary, compelling and conducive.

Furniture and space design

Apart from designing space and premises, we have also been involved with designing customized furniture and other objects in a particular space. We have been engaged in the past as the sole contractor to design spaces like cinemas, entertainment outlets, cafes, shopping centres and such where we have sourced for the most suitable furniture, fitted in the most appropriate signage and advertising boards, designed kiosks and many more, all of which were made to ensure maximum exposure, visibility and utilisation from our clients.

Link with industry practitioners

Design.com.my has over the years worked and collaborated with countless renowned artists and sculptors around Malaysia to carry out space management and interior design projects. Hence, we are constantly in contact and kept abreast of the latest and most contemporary designs used by architects and interior designers around the world. We have in our network a collection of highly reputable and renowned Malaysian artists who could supply and create cutting-edge and remarkable paintings, sculptures and installations to suit your every need.