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Contact us is your one stop centre for all your design needs

Whatsapp us @ 0126725888, the portal for all designers in and around Malaysia to find out about anything you need to know in these areas or to showcase your work for anyone to appreciate. This is where we have provided for you the most comprehensive source and information about design and designers in the country. We have here in all the sources of information and reference material that you need about the area of design and its industry here in Malaysia.

Showcase your talent

For Malaysian designers in every area of design, this is the best place where you can share resources with one another as well as to showcase your talents and works with other people in and around the country where you will be provided with a profile, a portfolio as well as a an online gallery where you can upload images of your body of work to source for new demands and opportunities. This is where you will also be able to view the works of others in various other segments and then get the inspiration you need in every possible way.

Apart from designers, we have also provided the service and facilities for aspiring, up and coming designers in various fields who would like to start making your marks in the industry. This is where you will be able to identify and find out about the best ways to make it and is where we will provide you with all the possible ways you can do so.

It can be a sketch, a finished product or an idea of an installation that you have, you are free to post them here to be shared among all members of the community. Once you have done so it will be displayed at our front page and then other members are invited to give their comments and feedback. Should your work be spotted by anyone who is interested, then you might be offered a deal to make it too.

Resource for Designers

We have included here in a guide to becoming an established designer in Malaysia where we have provided you with information about where to start looking and how to go about with it. This is also where you will also be able to obtain some great insights from our more established artists and designers in Malaysia or you can also read them through our various articles posted by our experts and editors.

We have also included here the basic and fundamental concepts of design in various industries where you will be able to grasp and understand better as to how you can capitalize on the demands of these industries. You will be able to find here information about what are being sought after in the market and what are not and how you can be successful in providing what the audience are looking for.

Profiles of Malaysian Designers

This section provides you with a listing of all the prominent designers of Malaysia. We have included here information about who these designers are, what are their achievements, where are they based and their product lines. You will be able to find here information about international fashion designers like Datuk Jimmy Choo, Zang Toi, Datuk Bernard Chandran and many more who have since made their marks as international fashion designers. On top of that, we have also provided here profiles of our local designers like Melinda Looi and others who are also fast climbing up the fashion designing world. You can also find out more about interior designers as well as others here.

Latest News & Updates

We have provided here in the latest news and updates of the designer scene in Malaysia. This is where you will be able to obtain the latest information about any events or happenings like fashion shows, performances, cultural and traditional shows, design events and such, all of which is to keep you updated and up to pace with the happenings in the industry.

This is where you will find that we have included a calendar of events which encircle around the art and design arena which includes art exhibitions, gallery openings, artists information as well as any other related matters. As registered members of you will also be able to provide us with information about any upcoming events that are related to design in Malaysia which are not provided here and our team of editors will provide ample coverage of these events. After an event takes place, our editors will give a report of what happened with the pictures and images of these events here.

Designers’ Forum

Malaysian Designers Forum provides you with the avenue where you can talk about design. Most of your members here would post a piece of design work and then call for feedback. From there there will be constant discussions and debates on the designs that are being posted. You should use this service here to learn more from the expert designers and then enhance your design to be better. In most cases, this is also the best place for you to obtain advice or help from our more seasoned designers who might be able to help you approach the right people in commercializing your body of work. On top of that, you can also choose to give your own piece of advice or feedback if you have any.

Heaps of Design References

This section provides you with all the related and relevant references in the areas of design. If you are a designer but is unsure which area of the industry you should focus on, then this is a great place to start. You will be able to find here information about the various facets of design, what each of them means as well as information about what design is all about. For those who are not familiar with design but would like to know and learn more about it, you can read them through here. This is where we have provided you with textbook definitions of design and the various sections of it where our registered members could constantly provide updates and your opinions about these concepts. This is done so to provide you with a more contemporary approach and definitions of each of the terms used.

Apart from that, we have also provided various categories in design found in and around Malaysia. You will be able to understand better what each of these segments mean and what they have to offer both to designers and non-designers.

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