Carven Ong – the bridal fashion guru

Carven Ong is a name synonymous with Malaysia designers where he is one of the top bridal gown designers not only within the country but in Asia as well. This couture fashion designer has won numerous awards where he has been recognized by Fashion Asia in 2009 as the Asian Top Fashion Designer of the Year. Today, his works are seen paraded by celebrities, royalties, socialites and renowned figures in Malaysia as well as overseas.

Carven’s work was first seen when it was paraded in 1991 at the MODA Wanita Fashion Show. Since then, he has been continuing to establish himself as one of the premier designers of the region for brides around. In 2002, he set up his own bridal boutique named Carven Ong Couture and Wedding Specialist. This is where one will be accorded with very personalized service and customization of gowns for the special occasion which aligns with Carven’s principle where the wedding day is supposed to be the most beautiful day in one’s life. Donning a Carven Ong dress would do just that.

His works are known to use chiffon with gathers and beadings which are hand sewn while among some of his trademark designs are those that come with duchess satin with lace designs specifically made and sweet and trendy looking pleats. With a growing business boutique and a well-established brand, Carven is still very much involved in Malaysia’s fashion industry where he has been consistently involved with the annual MIFW (Malaysian International Fashion Week) as well as the STYLO Fashion Grand Prix. He is also a member of the prestigious MODA (Malaysian Official Designers’ Association).

Apart from offering his own designs and gowns, Carven has also been involved with various collaboration with renowned fashion brands which include Lancome, Estee Lauder and others while he was also the Guest Judge in fashion design contests and competitions while offering his expertise to aspiring designers and students through workshops and seminars. Apart from bridal fashion, the Carven Academy of Fashion is also involved with fashion education which has been established in 1991 while he has also ventured into other parts of the fashion industry including the Carven brand which offers office clothing and casual wear while Carven.Sense is involved with cocktail dresses which is carried by established department stores like Metrojaya, Tangs and Isetan.