Menu design

Menus are the common items anyone would find when visiting an F&B (Food and Beverage) outlet. Whether it is an international fast food chain, a local cafe, a regional food outlet or a pub, the menu is an important part of the service that the paying customer would expect if they are to dine at the place.

Essentially, the menu includes information about what is being offered in the outlet as well as the pricing of the offerings. It is vital that the menu includes pictures and images of the offerings which will drive the customers to order the dishes.

We have been involved in designing menus for F&B outlets that encompass restaurants, cafes, pubs and many other similar outlets around Malaysia. In doing so, we have been involved in all the stages required especially in the design process. Our team of professional and highly capable designers were involved from the initial stage of conceptualizing and idea conceiving phase where they produce some of the most compelling layouts for our clients.

After that, our professional photographers have used the most contemporary techniques and methods to ensure that the dishes offered by our clients are captured to their true essence before they are edited at our own in-house design team. From there, our own printing facilities are then involved to produce the draft which would then be approved by our clients before the final product is rolled-out.

We are committed to offer top quality services in menu design to our customers and in doing so, the drafts and layouts are enhanced numerous times in order to ensure that the requirements are met. We share the objective of our clients’ businesses which is to create enticing and effective menus in their F&B outlets which are carried out through our integrated network of products and services.